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I'm Mallisa and I'm the magic-capturer of Flourish. I've been a photographer since 2012 and am a total creative at heart. In addition to boudoir photography with Flourish, I am also a wedding and couples photographer on the Gulf Coast. When I was twelve I stood under the Eiffel Tower and took a photo that still hangs on my wall today. Photography has spoken to me deeply since I was a little girl and the fact that I get to do this every day for a living is an absolute dream come true.

As a business owner, artist, wife, and mother I am endlessly passionate about celebrating the power and strength of women. My goal through Flourish is to uplift women and empower them to let go of the conventional pressures and "shoulds" placed on us and to inspire them to unleash their inner goddess. 

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Hi, I’m Emily! I am a lover of all things artistic and creative. I have always loved skincare and makeup but developed a major passion for stage makeup when I toured as a musician for three years. As people increasingly asked me to do their makeup, I began to realize this was becoming more than just a hobby and that I was bringing joy to other people through something I truly love doing.


There is something deeply satisfying about empowering women through playing up their features. While makeup alone can’t provide women with ultimate confidence, if it helps even a little bit, then I have done my job. My favorite part of what I do is the look in women’s eyes when they first see their makeup and recognize the beauty that already exists within and outside of them. I love helping women recognize, embrace, and celebrate their fierce and fearless femininity. I can’t wait to work with you!